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About Us

Certified Tool & Grinding, in business over 30 years, is a progressive company,
dedicated to providing customers the best service. Although the technology has changed
over the years, our commitment to service and customer satisfaction stays the same.
Certified Tool & Grinding has earned ISO 9001/2000 Registration, evidence of our
commitment to quality and professionalism.

Where the Quality Begins . . .

Customer Service: Efficient, friendly customer service and processing of your order.

Engineering Assistance from our tooling engineers who will work with you to help increase
productivity an lower your costs. Sophisticated CAD and design software used to guarantee
the best design for your needs. All this before the tool is even made.

Quality in Manufacturing Custom End Mills:

  • Materials: Premium quality sub-micron grained, hot isostatically pressed tungsten carbide.
  • Coatings: Increased wear resistance:
    • All popular coatings are offered including TiCN, TiN TiALN & ALTiN.
    • In-house deep cryogenic treatment available (-300 degrees).
  • Facility: Climate controlled manufacturing facility.
    Skilled technicians operate our 5-axis CNC cutter grinding machines.

Quality Control:

Certified Tool and Grinding ensures that meeting customer expectations is foremost in everything we do;
this translates to world-class products, delivered on time.

  • Thorough understanding of customers' requirements
  • Inspection and metrology lab including third party calibration 
  • Rigorous control of suppliers and raw material sources
  • Preventative maintenance


Certified maintains a large inventory of thousands of tools and custom end mills.
Most sizes available for immediate delivery.

Reconditioning and Resharpening

Certified is equally committed to maintaining your tools after the sale,
resulting in new tool performance for the life of the tool. Licensed for
resharpening Sumitomo, Hertle, Guring, and other high performance
drills. Quick turnaround & recoating. Tools are ground under coolant
to provide superior edge life and surface finishes.


Safe, reusable packaging to protect your tools during transit and storage.

Satisfaction guaranteed!


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